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Pulse – Black Knight

Pulse black knight 2Disc
Pulse black knight 2Disc
pulsenew singleblAck knightcyber tech electro metal
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Join Pulse on their intergalactic trip through time and space and find out more about the mysterious black knight satellite. Since 13.000 years this machine is said to orbit our planet. But what is it’s purpose? does it watch  us? spy on us? or is it’s purpose linked to our destiny?

formed in 2013 by Nemesis, mastermind of austria’s legendary Black Metal Band Astaroth, pulse combines extreme metal with electronic music and creates futuristic crossover of both genres, so called Cyber-Metal. Their debut Extinction Level Event from 2015 made an impact to the Gothic, Electro and Metalscene. Now they are back and brings an appetizer to their upcoming 2nd album Adjusting The Space which will be released by NRT-Records in 2020.


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