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Pulse – Adjusting The Space [Cyberpunk / Industrial Metal]

Pulse Adjusting The Space
Pulse Adjusting The Space

PulseAdjusting The Spacedark industrial metalbelnded with cyberpunk & ebmout now!



Today, the release of the new PULSE single “New Elastic Freak” is the third one taken from the brilliant Cyber Future Metal album “Adjusting The Space”, to be released via NRT-Records on November 6th, 2020. The ambiguous “New Elastic Freak” is about a psychopathic sexual disorder with a sex doll resp. the examination of a dead alien body. This ecstatically intense single is not only recommended to fans of Rammstein, Pain or The Kovenant. Now, get captivated by the galactic overlords’ PULSE with their brand-new Sci-Fi music video and its bizarre interplay of dark live scenes and strange alien sequences:

watch the official clip [click]04:45

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Um es genauer zu beschreiben, ist der Sound des in Österreich zwischengelandeten Pulse Squad ein ausgewogener Mix aus Modern Metal, Cyber Punk, EBM, Dark Metal und Industrial, ohne die hörbaren Einflüsse blind zu kopieren.Totti Jünemann - Metalglory.com


Official merchandising by Pulse is available in a variety of different products, sizes and designs. No matter if t-shirt, longsleeve or hoody. starting at size S to 6XL (*), there is the ideal product for everybody. please click on the buttons below to open the links, based on your living area


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